Saturday, September 25, 2010


So far so good, today, as we got up at the crack of nine and hustled on over to the farmer's market. We got melons from our farmers, which somehow feels like an extra special bonus. To reward them for this excellent behavior, we bought extra garlic. We searched high and low for Asian Pear Guy, and were denied. This would have been tragic, but there was a compensatory huge stalk of brussels sprouts, right on the stalk! We also found beautiful ultra-sweet and spicy little green grapes--the kind we have growing in our backyard, but apparently all of God's creatures with wings have heard about this so that the ripening of them synchronizes perfectly with the moment they are entirely eaten, and not by us. But we found them! At the farmer's market! and also we bought raspberries and blackberries, as well as another batch of tomatoes from the savages. So as we speak, I am roasting a pan of tomatoes (another one tomorrow) and have just made a batch of raspberry jam, already spooned into its little half-pint jars. Blackberry tomorrow.

Also, we found Asian pears from another vendor, and they are excellent. Also, we had breakfast with kids/grandkids. Also, I have changed the title of my manuscript. Also, that manuscript is freshly revised and is almost ready to send out. Also, it is almost 11 p.m., there are 21-year-olds hollering songs in my basement, and it is almost time for Bruiser's w-a-l-k. So: good day.


  1. Perhaps the best thing about summer: the raspberries come back. How can it be? And even sweeter the second time.

  2. Hooray for those little green grapes! I freaking love September.

  3. "Good day"? - I'd say. I am on a mission to find a box of ripe tomatoes so I can roast some - they were splendid this past winter. Thanks for the directions.



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