Sunday, June 13, 2010

Start the party without me.

The people,

I was in California for the last few days. It was glorious.

Yesterday, I came home to the historian in a bower of roses, and the leaping up of dogs.

Tomorrow, we will be driving to Idaho. I'm thinking at the moment of never coming back. Oh, except for the part about the children, the grandchildren, Bruiser, the roses, the farmer's market and the Scotlands coming to visit. Also, later, my job. Other than that, I will be staying in Idaho forever.




Mary said...

It was a bower of goodness, that trip. Love the vignetting on your pics, too.

Nik said...

Your house looks like an English cottage. I'd come back too.

Amelia said...

I am excited for the cabin, get her warmed up for us! ma

radagast said...

There is no party sans HT.


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