Monday, June 07, 2010


I know, I know. Who can stand looking at pictures of other people's flowers? Still, I am foisting them upon you. Deal.


  1. O foist away! I've just come in from walking while the dawn was cracking and what it feels like is that I stopped off somehow and wandered through your garden on my way in - all these familiar flowers. Blue flax that I haven't seen looking like that since leaving Utah. Mountain centaurea. Peace rose. Did you know they call heliotrope cherry-pie plant because of the scent of it - I could almost smell yours. There's something about the grainy quality of these pics that makes them especially intimate and known - though I think my favorite of all is the gingerbreaded front door with nose and reflection of the Noble Dog.

  2. Whoa. People don't like looking at other people's flowers? That is some pile of messed up. Your flowers are indeed glorious. And Bruiser is in his glory. How do you get him to lay down?



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