Sunday, June 20, 2010


Blogger has static pages now. I will now pause briefly, so that you may reflect. Or maybe you already knew this, in which case, why didn't you let me know?

Here's how to make some static pages on your very own Blogger blog. In case you don't already know.

And now, I have two static pages: one, for my summer reading list, and another for a project I'm calling 500 Words (mouseover for links). I will spare you the background on the latter, but I am hoping to write several short prose pieces on various topics, to which I will alert the readers of this blog in the regular posts. There's one about Don DeLillo up there right now.

Carry on.


  1. cool now I need to think of something important enough to make a static page. hmmm???

  2. I thought you knew about the Blogger updates, otherwise I would have told you. That's one of the reason's I moved my professional blog off shore.

  3. thanks, but i need transform blogger label into a page, so its not a static page, is it posible?



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