Friday, June 04, 2010

I think now is a good time to panic.

Don't you?

It all started with the brilliant idea I had to pay Danny, running son's friend, to strip wallpaper and paint our bedroom while we're in Idaho. What is this stage of life for, if not to pawn off work on young people and pay them the benjamins so they can afford to go to college and eat junk food and buy concert tickets and whatnot.

Tonight, as I was searching for the copies of my poems that had the notes on them from my writing group, so I could make a pass at the manuscript before I hand it off to my friend for her take on it, I was struck by a series of facts that had that duh duh DUH feel about them, aka, the sound of DOOM:

fact 1: in order that Danny may begin the project of wallpaper stripping, we must create space and maneuvering ability in the room.
fact 2: creation of said maneuverability will entail moving a LOT of stuff out of that room.
side fact: OH MY LORD there is so much stuff. what is the meaning of this stuff? why the stuff?
fact 3: ahem, also, I will need to move my clothes out of that over-stuffed closet.
fact 4: where will I put the clothes? and the furniture? and also the clothes? and don't forget about the shoes.
fact 5: not to mention the dust.
fact 6: and someone needs to choose the paint. and also: go buy the paint.

Ergo, I am awake at 2:45 a.m., writing this and revising my manuscript, and making a long list that attempts to cope with the limited number of days before we leave and the amount of stuff-schlepping that needs to occur, along with various family and social engagements, good heavens.


  1. And this is where summer goes.

  2. Packing has made me say, multiple times, Why the stuff? Whose stuff is this? Who wants this stuff?
    It's good to give stuff away. It makes one feel better.

  3. Heehee, shall we nominate you for "Buried Alive," "Hoarders" or "Clean House" in order to enlist some help with your stuff?! I hope that all goes well and that your summer can be a blast with the Scottish ones. :-)

  4. Speaking as one the midst of a tidy away and get clean, I will say, big plastic storage boxes are your friend. Roll under the bed ones. Big ones for your winter wardrobe to be put away into. Do it! Do not think twice. Get the tools for the job. Sincerely,
    A reformed organiser.

  5. If you're headed to Idaho, you might pay another young person to move all of the stuff into the other rooms, because you'll be in Idaho, uh, feeling struck by panic because of the piles of stuff in the other rooms. Okay. Pay Danny's friend to fill the totes suggested by Amelia. I do love the totes. Although I forgot to pull out the winter clothes last year and bought more winter clothes that now need to be moved to totes. Sheesh, I'm beginning to feel the panic and I don't even have wallpaper...

  6. You can put them in my room on the bed!



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