Friday, June 18, 2010


For a good two weeks at the Idaho cabin during an unseasonably cold June:

1. More wool socks than you brought.
2. A cozier sweater than you brought.
3. Piles and piles and piles of firewood.
4. The foresight to recognize that you're going to wake up to snow, therefore you should leave the heaters on.
5. Toast. A ton of it. And warm beverages.
6. Many, many, many books.
7. The patience to sit by the fireplace and tend it. Alternatively, a partner who exhibits that patience, aka The Historian.
8. Fortitude. And blankets.
9. Mittens.


  1. That's a good warning. We might be going up in a couple weeks. Of course, by then the snow will have melted and all my thoughts will be about how to avoid/kill mosquitoes.
    Stay warm!



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