Sunday, June 08, 2008

Richard Serra, mon amour.

At the new-ish Seattle Art Museum Olympic Sculpture Park, a truly magnificent place that is unlike any other outdoor sculpture installation I have ever seen, one major piece is Richard Serra's Wake. Here is what the guide has to say about it:

For Richard Serra, space is a substance as tangible as sculpture. He uses materials and scale to alter perception and to engage the body. The towering, curved-steel forms of Wake were achieved with computer imaging and a demilitarized machine that once made French nuclear submarines. Wake is composed of five identical modules, each with two S-shaped sections positioned in inverted relation to one another--gently curving serpentines of convex and concave parts that suggest tidal waves or profiles of battleships. Wake's powerful silhouette belies a complex configuration of parts; the whole cannot be known at once, but can only be experienced with movement and over time.

Here are some photos of Wave, being outside of and then in and among the forms. It was amazing.

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  1. Awesome pics. Where is this? I tried to tell from the photos, but couldn't. Glad you are having many cultural experiences. We are reading and drinking coffee.



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