Thursday, June 26, 2008


If you find that your eyes are watering all day long, and that you're sneezing, and you feel kind of wiped out, why then, you might have allergies! Instead of assuming that the reason you look like hell when you happen to see your eyes in the mirror is that you're just getting old, you might think about dealing with the allergies, with a little thing we in the modern world call "medicine," the taking of which might result in a better day with no sneezing nor watery eyes. And in fact, you might even look quite a bit better, not to mention feeling better.

Yeah, the heat, I think it's making me stupid.


  1. I've often read that the black bags under the eyes are due more to environmental allergies than age or lack of sleep.

  2. I don't know who condiment is but I like his logic/reading sources. Unfortunately for me, I have the black bags but no sneezing or watery eyes to blame it on...wait, did I just complain because I don't have allergies? Nevermind.

  3. Who in this world does not know Condiment?



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