Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Foreign languages, or The French Open.

Overheard on ESPN2 this a.m., during the Ferrer-Monfils match:

Announcer 1: What was it you said about this match before it started, Announcer 2?

Announcer 2: Announcer 1, I said,"In this match, a Spaniard is going to make a Frenchman cramp."

Also, does anyone know the history of the wack scoring system of tennis?

Roger Federer, in my opinion, basically cannot be bothered, most of the time, to concentrate on the first set. Thereafter, however, he is statistically most likely to annihilate his opponent (today, the Swiss made the Spaniard cry).

As it turns out, during the summer, most of our vacations involve watching a little bit of Grand Slam tennis. The historian played, so he is an avid and knowledgeable fan. I, however, did not, and have to be reminded about the scoring, etc. My learning curve is long and slow. Fun, though.


  1. History of tennis scoring.

    Also, I love that you describe Federer as a "hegemonic" player.

  2. Funny you should ask about tennis scoring. I just wrote about it as a Fascinating Fact (or non-fact, I guess) I know. Fascinating!



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