Saturday, June 21, 2008


Within recent memory, I declared to anyone who reads the sidematter on my blog that I would buy no more gray clothes forever (earlier in the sidematter: gray is the new black, in case you needed to track the twists and turns of the style advice from me). So it will no doubt surprise all readers to hear that I have, within the last several weeks, purchased
  • gray flats
  • a gray and white striped tee shirt
  • a gray skirt
  • another gray shirt
  • another gray shirt
  • gray espadrilles
  • a sheer gray sweater, and
  • a scarf that is striped black and white, which two colors, as any student in a seventh grade art class can tell you, when mixed together, turn into . . . gray.
I don't know what this says, except that gray--so pearly, so silvery, so moody, so very like weather, one thing and then another, so not black and not white but possessing the loveliest qualities of each--calls my name. It is, apparently, my neutral. I'm not even sure I understand why I decided no more gray in the first place. Why not gray? Why not an all gray, white, and black wardrobe? with only silver jewelry?

Because in addition to having a gray fetish, I am also a fool for colors, that's why--lately, navy blue and yellow. However, I feel the world has only recently caught up with my gray madness--lovely gray things everywhere I turn. If you run into me, the chances are very good that I will be dressed like a cloudy day. Like a cloudy day, about to rain. I sort of hope, however, that if you run into me, I am not shopping. Like style advice, my stance toward shopping sparkles and fades a little.


  1. I love gray! or grey. Both. Grey is the new black and white.

  2. I too, have an inexplicably large collection of clothes in various shades of gray. I love that you seem to shop as often as I do, and possibly for all the same reasons, most of them having little or nothing to do with actual need. If these were the days of coats of arms with crests and mottos, I'm afraid mine would likely read "retail therapy."

  3. Gray is a wonderful color; you've inspired me to go buy gray shoes!

  4. own gray clothing?? (she said sarcastically. And I prefer to spell it "grey". It makes me feel oh-so-sophisticated.

  5. The scarf sounds great. Where did you find it?

  6. At an exotic location called "Urban Outfitters." !!

  7. Wow. I'll have to check out that very small boutique. Thanks, Lisa! See you at a concert soon?



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