Monday, June 09, 2008

Megastore: the return.

This morning, not quite as early as we'd said we would but also not as late as we might have, we took off from Seattle, the Emerald City, and headed east. Once you get up into the mountains, through Snoqualmie Pass, past the lakes and streams, you're back in a little part of the world I like to call "Idaho." As in, past the coast, everything--eastern Washington, eastern Oregon, and of course Idaho itself--is Idaho until you hit the Rockies. But it's beautiful, of course, and kind of nice, at the end of a good trip, to be heading home, with a long drive ahead of you to relive the highlights and think about what awaits you. To wit:
  • a sprinkler system that decided to malfunction the morning we left
  • mulch to put down under the plum tree
  • a possible amendment to the front yard project (curving the line of the existing sod instead of the straight line we started with--feng shui, you guys)
  • a painting project in the basement
  • a wedding present to buy
  • a father's day present to buy
  • a couple more short trips ahead
  • laundry, of course
  • a dog who has been hanging around with teenage boys and hard-working young men, but who--singing son assures me--has voiced the fact that he's missed us.
Well, we've missed him too. See you all soon.


  1. Welcome home! I also have many presents to buy and things to do.'s summer! sort of...

  2. Talk to you tomorrow.

  3. does he miss me?? thats the important thing to know...
    and how fun to be back but i think you are enjoying an empty house a little too much...



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