Monday, April 30, 2007

Summer agenda:

(Articulating this now will help me get through the next two weeks, I feel certain.)

1. a new, non-work e-mail address that I will give only to people I want to talk to over the summer.
2. Check work e-mail only twice a month.
3. Digital days and analog days (on digital days: blog, read/send e-mail, do electronic composing of various kinds, read online. On analog days: write with a pen, play the piano and other instruments I have, sew, make books, read books.).
4. Watch television if I feel like it (actually, that's not so different than the rest of the year. Also, it's an exception to the digital/analog rule. If I want it to be.)
5. Go on a road trip with the historian.
6. Celebrate the birth of a grandson (soon!).
7. Whoop it up with Scotland daughter and her family, coming to visit (soon!).
8. Go to Idaho (oh thou fount of every blessing!).
9. Go to the farmer's market.
10. Read books. Lots of them.
11. Take walks. Lots of them.
12. Hang out with college daughter, running son, singing son, and makeup artist/new mom daughter as much as time, their schedules, and their willingness allows.
13. Garden (aka get the yard in shape).

All kinds of wonderful. I just have to get through the next two weeks.


  1. Excellent list. Here is a short version of mine

    1. Read books, lots of them.
    2. Go on hikes, and generally be outdoors when I'm not reading.
    3. Dissertate like a fiend.
    4. Blog in order to maintain social order.

  2. yay for cabin, new grandson (or nephew in my case) scotland family and hanging out w/ college daughter aka ME!!!! happiness!! :D

  3. Very lofty email goal--I will be much impressed if you can stick to it. My recent goal, not seasonally based, is to avoid email after 8pm.

    May god save us from the next two weeks--ugghh!

  4. I too should make some email goals, like not checking it every 3 hours. I think every other day is good. I'm with you!!
    Also, a few trips to Idaho on my agenda. And one trip to WA.
    And maybe some socializing with colleagues??

  5. very well planned out!

  6. Should I take it as an insult that I haven't received your new email? (just kidding)



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