Saturday, April 07, 2007

Track meets.

Wednesday and Saturday were track meet days. Running son has suffered a series of ignominious injuries (a bursitis of the hip--trans something something bursitis; a sprained ankle) as well as a cold that derived, I am sure of it, from not enough sleep (aka, not going to bed when I advised) and eating crap. So his meet on Wednesday saw him, on the one hand, not running his main event (the mile) because basically it was hard for him to breathe through all the snot, but on the other hand, running events he will never run again, such as the 4x4 relay, in which he ran a respectable 400 meters in 56 seconds. Also a 200 meter dash and the 800, which is or will be, we think, one of his events.

The 800 meter.

Unknown female hurdler, from another school, no less.

Using the panorama feature of one of my zillion photo programs to turn a series of shots of this sprinter (this time a West Jordan Jaguar) into a single photo, a little electronic feat that I happen to think is pretty damn cool. (Click on the photo to see the coolness, but bigger.)

Running son feeling pleased as punch at his unexpected strong anchor leg in the 4x4.

This morning's meet was down at Orem High. Feeling good enough to run in the middle heat of the mile, RS had a personal record of 4:51 in the mile.


  1. A 56 quarter--that's smokin' Your son, no matter what happens with running, will always have fond memories of tracks. Just a whiff of Ben Gay and my whole body transports back to those spring afternoons.

  2. yay for RS!!! that is wicked awesome that he ran anchor for the 4x4!!! and even niftier on the PR for the mile!! i miss WJ track! :(

  3. That picture really is something to talk about. It's neat that you could capture that!

  4. I agree with Ron. A fast time. And I have fond memories of track. I ran the 800 and the 2 mile. I was much slower that Running Son, however.

  5. Even in the best shape of my life I could only run a mile in just under six minutes....



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