Monday, April 02, 2007

Not caring one bit that I am a copycat. (okay, maybe just one bit.)

Middlebrow, as is his genius (well, one of his geniuses), found this cool new thing, which I am, as usual, copying. Also, I figured out how to use my cellphone pictures, finally, something I'm sure any ten-year-old knew but somehow I couldn't get sorted.


  1. Excellent. And don't feel bad. All the cool kids are doing it. We'll we are anyway.

    I'm tempted to put one of these babies on the English department website.

  2. That would rock the Luminis world, now wouldn't it.

  3. well...that pic of me would be great...if i weren't on my way to SUBWAY!!!! haha love that you have a slideshow!!

  4. I see definite poetic possibilities in this slide show gizmo. That or kick-ass wookie montages.



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