Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What is wrong with this picture?

More like, what is right.


1. The daybed is part of a massive renovation taking place in the party-shed. Yes, we're starting another season. What you can't see is the brand new floor Teen Boy Squad have almost already installed. While it's true that there has been random thriftstore furniture in the yard and on the patio for a couple of weeks, and also they threw away a shocking amount of trash that was without question from last season, despite all the promises they made to me about how they had totally cleaned out the shed, progress is being made. Some progress.

2. Duck, you say? Yes, there was a wild duck in the yard this a.m. I tried for a closer shot but didn't want to scare it away. The historian took a longer view (what are historians for?), and shooed this duck and its mate away, thinking that perhaps they were seeking a nesting place. And, after all, we have dogs. Most likely at least one duck-eating dog (thy name is Bruiser). This reminds me of when a dog from my past life, a dachshund, captured a wild chicken in this same yard (I don't know--it was a chicken and it looked undomesticated--isn't that wild?) and ate it. He took it back to his bed and was protecting it pretty ferociously. The historian had to lure him--and dogs really never take the long view, do they?--away from the chicken carcass (precious!) with a piece of hot dog. Ironic.


  1. oh geez. what is it with our yard and animals! also teen boy squad will be totally done w/ the shed when it is actually warm enough to party in it. wow. thought. this is R.S. last summer in the shed for 2 years...crazy...

  2. Two things:
    1) I need a party shed that doubles as a writing studio.
    2) I think Gus would eat the duck too. Or maybe just carry it around in his mouth. Sad.

  3. Can I live in your backyard? My backyard has a layer of snow.

  4. cute duck. wish I had a whole farmyard of animals...keep dreaming of having a goat one day.

  5. I can't help but know that you and John are so blissfully happy. You two just seem to complete each other in a way that I long for.



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