Wednesday, April 18, 2007


1. "I've just come from Modern Poetry class, and boy are my frontal lobes chafed." (My Science Fiction Twin)

Don't usually feel that way about modern poetry myself (although, come on, it really depends on the poet, doesn't it?).

2. Too much grading to do? so many students asking for extensions your head is coming unscrewed? suffering from brainmelt? Then bake, I say. There's a beautiful Procrastination Cake coming out of the oven any minute now. That comes after the Procrastination Thai food and the Procrastination movie (Fracture) (otherwise known as the Procrastination date, otherwise known as the Procrastination dinner-and-a-movie. And cake.)

3. Those who have opined within my hearing that there's nothing good at the movies, oh my gosh. You are crazy! There's so much good at the movies, including, and to wit: The Namesake, The Lookout, The Hoax. Also, Fracture was a completely good popcorn movie. Also, Becket, as in Richard Burton, is at the Regency. That's not to mention that Will Ferrell ice-skating movie which I am totally planning on seeing and totally laughing my ass off at.

4. But really, it's time to start finishing my work. That's tomorrow. That's after watching another track meet and taking the dogs to the park and maybe scrubbing my shower until it knows who's boss. And having some next-day Procrastination Cake.


  1. Oh yeah, I could eat some procrastination cake right now. I'm having a barbecue tomorrow (see Dr. Write's addictions) just so I don't have to finish grading. Must clean house! Grocery shop!

  2. I want some Procrastination Cake. Why do you live so far away? If you are going to bake a lot, you need to move closer to me. Plus then the dogs could play more often.
    Must post photos and recipe for Procrastination Cake. (Also, it's something else you could do that's not grading).
    Me? I just requested Season 5 of the Sopranos, so I've got the next few weeks all mapped out. (write in the morning, TV vegetable in the evening, which leaves the afternoon for grading/non-grading.)

  3. You didn't bring any procrastination cake to the meeting.

  4. I made it _after_ the meeting. When I was procrastinating!

  5. on the good movie front, I vote for Hot Fuzz. Really dumb and really funny--just what I wanted.

    The Namesake is good too. Not quite up to the beauty of the book, but very good.



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