Thursday, May 03, 2007

Doing the numbers.

1. Days till the Scottish contingent are here: 11.
2. Days till I'm done grading: 5, if I'm lucky.
3. Days until my other projects are completed: God only knows.
4. Jazz games left before the season is done: God only knows, but they live to play another day.
5. People and dogs living here: five.
6. Days till the new grandson is born: any day now.

College daughter moved back home yesterday. I have a lot of grading/responding still to do, but strangely don't feel too worked up over it. I would really like to have all of it done before the arrival of the out-of-towners (Miriam is super-charged about seeing the dogs), as well as something like a clean house, but we'll see. Tonight, Andrei Kirilenko played AK-47-style, as in points, rebounds, blocked shots and all-around demon activity on the court, and Memo got his shot back. The weather is lifting my spirits, even with today's little cold snap. I would say the chances I'll get through everything and be onto my new e-mail-lite summer by mid-May are eighty percent. Maybe even eighty-five.

1 comment:

  1. May AK help us through the next half--the lead is slipping away!!!



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