Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Brand new baby boy.

Deacon John Leasure, 7 lb. 9 oz., 21 1/2 " long.

Brand new dad.

Brand new mom.

Beautiful boy.


Amelia said...

I love these pictures! That baby is so great... I can't wait to meet him... only 3 more sleeps until we leave for America, as they say over here.

Dr. Write said...

Aww. Super cute. With a name like Deacon, he has to be cool. Baby.

DiaNe said...

deacon is a beautiful baby! I hope the delivery was relatively smooth. How life-changing to become a mother...

I have a funny story about how I found out about the birth...remind me to tell you.

Nik said...

That boy is so beautiful. Congratulations mom, dad and grandma!

Jessie said...

Lisa! He is beautiful! Tell his mom congratulations, and I am so excited for her!


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