Saturday, February 03, 2007

Eaten by dogs.

After a hectic Friday, involving work at school in the morning, a dash home to let the dogs out, and a dash back to school for tenure meetings, I hopped in the car and dashed up to Logan to visit college daughter. We had a whirlwind 24 hour nonstop fun-fest, including the viewing of three (3) films; the consumption of dinner, breakfast, and lunch; a spot of shopping; a swapping of certain music files; and chatter, klatsching, and catching up.

The movies were The Queen (second viewing for me--held up well); The Last King of Scotland (I asked the guy at the Logan Art Cinema what the film was like. He hadn't seen it, so he inspected the rating notes on the poster. "Strong violence and gruesome images," he announced. "You'll have to tell me after you see it." For the record, I concur with the official ratings notes. ); and Because I Said So, which is every bit as not-good as all the reviews say, and yet, go figure, I somehow still enjoyed it.

The big dining news in Logan is the Crumb Brothers bakery, where you can have a lovely breakfast of truly inspired pastries, and you can also have a lovely lunch. We had breakfast. College daughter is considering transferring someplace closer to home, so this may be my last trip up to visit her in Logan. But it might be worth going there sometime just for the bread, I kid you not. Anyway, if you're in Logan, you should go there. The only sad part of this story is that the loaf of wonderful whole wheat bread I brought home was mysteriously eaten--two-thirds of it, anyway--by dogs while the historian and I were out tonight.

Shopping moratorium update: I bought college daughter a new pair of jeans and a few shirts, a belt and some gloves. Myself I bought a red undershirt (see necessary underwear exception clause of moratorium below). Otherwise, nothing. The photographic record:

Shopping but not buying (dressing rooms at Old Navy, where college daughter is trying on clothes)

Who doesn't need orange and ochre leather gloves? On clearance? For $7 a pair? I put these back, though.

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  1. congrats on putting the gloves back! That takes strength! I love Crumb Brothers bread, so I imagine that the bakery experience is that much better. Sigh.
    Sorry about the dogs. Though it is good that you remind me that dogs do such things, so I don't over idealize them. Seeing as how we are, soon anyway, in the "dog market".



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