Friday, February 16, 2007


1. I took down my Christmas tree just yesterday.
2. I was in an escalating rage about work-related stuff for much of the day yesterday. It did not make me a nicer person. I had to cry and then walk around in the cold at the dog park at 6 p.m., plus eat Indian food, to simmer down.
3. I'm behind in my work.
4. I'm often gripped by a venal envy and also I often see slights where they are not intended.
5. A three-day weekend will save me from myself (I hope).


  1. Oy, but for the christmas tree that I didn't just take down because I never put one up, I ditto your post. We should compare venal envies soon.

  2. I love that you just took down your Christmas tree. Ditto nik, I never put one up.
    I often find that Indian food (or Thai) cures (almost) all.
    We need a dog!! (or two. we looked at them today. There was the one I wanted. And also the puppy Son wanted) but our house is too small.
    I hope you get over that work related rage/sadness. They are so not worth it.
    I also interpret things people do/do not say or looks/non-looks as harsh commentary on my general self-worth. Is this an illness all writers have?
    You're a wonderful person, and everyone knows it. Maybe *they* are just jealous.
    Have a good, nice long weekend, with no working and lots of movie/TV viewing.

  3. Crap now I'm envying your long weekend while I'm sitting here grading papers. Well, not grading much as I'm now blogging.

    May God save us all from ourselves!



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