Thursday, February 01, 2007

A brief history of my life (in pictures).

As a result of my new whirlwind of winnowing, straightening, and reshuffling, otherwise known as "I'm not buying new clothes or books" behavior, I have culled a fat pile of photos that I've been scanning in and uploading to Flickr. I may be the only one having fun, but on the other hand, I certainly am having fun, and that's at least a good part of the point.

Here are some of the artifacts from my past that I have found:

I.D. Card

At eighteen

Make-up artist daughter and running son in dinosaur blanket


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  2. I am loving all the pictures, especially the ones from my childhood. Were we once really that small?

  3. These are great! I think it should be a new feature on all of our blogs: snapshots from the past.

  4. Tra-la-la-la-la-la-la-la dat-de-dat-de-dah!

  5. So you were cute when you were young and had good hair. What about the rest of us. Hoping this isn't a requirement.

  6. You look much too young to have kids in that picture! And I love the ID. I'm glad I don't have mine old ones though. I was never so cute!

  7. That's amazing, really! I'm tempted to buy a scanner and start rumaging around but only tempted.

    I hope you are planning on posting more.

  8. yes, more pictures!



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