Saturday, April 01, 2006

Catching up, or Catch and Release

Okay, so after a week of responding madness, I'm almost caught up. That means, for your reference, that I have commented on and returned 75-ish portfolios to students, and have also met with said students to confer about their work and projected revisions. There's a certain gruesomeness to it all, especially at the beginning of it, when you're looking at all that's left to do. Now, I feel a sublime release. (This is leaving out the catching up still left to do in the online course, which is only about halfway completed. One foot still in hell.)

What this means is that today seems like the most beautiful day that God ever made. It's gray and rainy--but it's spring rain. It's snowing--but it's spring snow. More, it's post-portfolio, post-conferences rain and snow. I am sprung from an intricate bondage made of equal parts digital files, actual paper, and self-loathing. Free!

Last night, the historian and I caught the new Spike Lee, which was immensely entertaining. We're heading off to Brewvies to catch Dave Chapelle's Block Party with no hope but to laugh and be buoyed by great music. This seems like a noble aim to me. After tonight and tomorrow, I will be 100% caught up on responding to students, including the online students, and from the great height to which I will be lifted by this feat, I can survey the gentle downward slope toward the end of the semester, to the month of May, and to summer. Yes: I said summer.

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