Thursday, April 27, 2006

Speech and cupcakes.

Today is the last day of class. I found that I really had kind of a great group of students this semester, so I also found that there were cupcakes to be made. It's a cheap thrill, but if you want to feel love, walk into a room of students on the last day of class with cupcakes. They'll listen to anything you have to say. Which is why I had a speech prepared, if by "prepared" we mean "thought up while frosting cupcakes at 7 a.m." Which is, in fact, what we do mean.

My speech had to do with the kind of education I feel these students deserve, with writing as a means to participate in community life, and with knowledge as something that you make for yourself. It's a little sentimental, but I do often feel kind of sentimental at the end of a semester, after having read the students' writing in various iterations and had so many conversations with them. I will miss the baseball cap boys and the just-about-missionaries, the back-to-school moms and the girls who work at fight clubs who are about to become nurses.

However, I will not miss them enough to pine over them when this summer I:
  • cook inspired meals from fresh produce
  • take naps
  • read books, actual books
  • write poems
  • write an article about poetry reading and the counter-productive teaching practices of English departments
  • write an article about extreme rhetoric
  • paint pictures
  • make books, and
  • make King Bruiser, the first film of what I am sure will be a whole new movie career.
I intend to keep outrage at a minimum, but there may be some more letter-to-the-editor writing. Also trips to Idaho. I may pay off my library fines and go to the library. I intend to ride my bike.

And of course, I will blog.


  1. I gave a motivational specification yesterday in Shakespeare. Basically I recounted the idea that some nit wit scholars can't believe that a hick from Stratford could write some of the most beautiful language in English literature. I then went on to the spectacular conclusion that if Shakespeare could come from where he did and produce these works, then anyone can do it.

    How 70's of me.

    Anyway, my definition: "You always smell of turnips."

  2. I believe your list should include some sort of activity--even if it is bike riding on a cyber road--with the BF too.

  3. Hey I want to start a new blog project called "Threatening Wookie." Its purpose would be to find things would annoy a wookie (you know like mouthy robots who play chess.) Want to join?

    Sorry it has been a long week. You know why. I'm making sniper comments on various blogs as a way of relief, I think.

  4. I had a little speech but no cupcakes. I have to admit to a hang-up on the passing out food on the last day of class. Maybe I'm just mean or maybe it was a class I had where the treat was the only good thing that happened in the class. Or maybe I'm just cheap.

  5. Sounds like a good summer.



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