Monday, March 27, 2006

Chicago miscellaneous in lieu of full report, to come at a later date.

The beer drinkers toast the tea drinkers at India House.

Chicago bull.

Arty art museum shot (orange metal sculpture with a foreground of flowers?).

Haughty art museum city-slicker lion won't give the time of day to rube visitors (or is that just me?).

Figures in an empty fountain (Art Institute courtyard).

There's no place like home. (Alternative title: Gratuitous cute dog picture.)


  1. Did anyone get a picture of the dancing man at House of Blues?

  2. I like how Middlebrow is looking over his shoulder with superior disdain (see his post).
    Also, that's a lot of beer!

  3. I didn't take any pictures in the H.o.B. Gene Gene the Dancing Machine would have been good, however. That or the Russian Mafia.

  4. I'd forgotten we'd rehearsed that photo. A very nice evening indeed.

    A photo of the guy in a white shirt dancing would be painful; I'm more interested in a photo of the Russian maffia guys with the call girl. That scene keeps running through my mind, imagining the potential gangster like plots. I think I've seen too many movies.



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