Thursday, March 16, 2006

I sense a disturbance in the Force.

Here was my blueprint for spring break productivity:
  • responding to 10 preliminary portfolios each day
  • writing my CCCC presentation
  • taking care of various sundry details, none of them too taxing
  • spending time with my college daughter, who is also home for spring break
  • sleeping adequate amounts
  • seeing my son play soccer
Here's what I've done during spring break:
  • slept adequate amounts
  • read the paper
  • done the NYTimes crossword 2x
  • seen two movies I've already seen (Syriana and Capote) with college daughter
  • eaten dinner, lunch, and breakfast with college daughter (breakfast also with college son)
  • eaten dinner out with the historian and college daughter
  • responded to 0 portfolios
  • written sketchy notes for CCCC presentation
  • seen 0 soccer games due to crazy March snow
  • bought stuff
  • hung out with Bruiser (dog park: 2x)
I have, however, written up my AWP notes for anyone who's interested, and published them here.

Here is my lovely college daughter after breakfast:

Here is my CCCCs presentation so far:

Here is a sample of my preferred spring break intellectual activity (listing really good movies in blocks of ten, with occasional add-ons):


  1. I like the photos of your written documents. Yesterday while at children's lit conference, I attended Nathan Hale's presentation on how illustrators get published. I have no interest in illustrating anything, but I did want to get a better understanding of the illustration process in children's books.

    To my point: he had a PowerPoint (actually it was done on Apple but I don't know what you call them) presentation but almost all of his slides were drawn and written by hand. It's the new technology being used to project one of the oldest technologies and in the venue of PowerPoint it seems to write out in your own handwriting is to authenticate, to personalize, to work (I was going to say rage) against the machine.

    I find it a very intriguing, backdoorish, counter like move of technology. I like it but I'm unsure about your inclusion of Smoke on your movie list--I generally like Harvery Keitel but this movie was a bit over the top for me. It wanted to be bigger than it had room or resources to be. I did, however, just yesterday strategically place my yet unseen copy of the Purple rose of Cairo by the tv.

    Geez, why don't I use my own blog.

  2. yes! I too have graded very little (6?) portfolios. On the plus side, we took Son for his first ski trip. Plus you typed up your AWP notes, which is more than I can say for me.
    My main project has been wine studies, which is going pretty well.

  3. I forgot work so completely during spring break that I missed a meeting this morning. And now, instead of actually working I'm checking blogs. yay me!



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