Tuesday, March 07, 2006

For my son, who took the test on The Great Gatsby without actually finishing the book.

From the March 6, 2006 New Yorker:

Martin McDonagh, high school dropout at age 16, author of The Pillowman and widely regarded as the preeminent Irish playwright of his generation:

"Maybe it was best that I hadn't really been forced into reading books I didn't like at school, because I retained a love of literature," he said.


Finished with: a huge pile of student writing in draft form.
Sick of: explaining yet again to a child why I got divorced.
Ready for: oblivion-inducing, soul-numbing amounts of television.
About to: leave for a conference in Austin.
Will be back: when I'm good and f***ing ready, or Sunday, whichever comes first.
Will miss: all children, dogs, and husbands at the megastore.
Look forward to: scintillating and gossipy posts from the world of creative writers.


  1. yeah! I know you are probably already gone, on your way to our destination, but I have to say two things:
    One, I'm in love with Martin, as he is handsome in that silver-haired, Irish way. Also: love his plays!
    Two, love your list. I have just received a huge stack of portfolios and I am sick of them already.
    This is somewhat of an aside, but re: the divorce comment, ouch! It must be difficult to have to explain it so long after the fact. I realized not so long ago that I still harbor some rage about my parents' divorce (mostly about how they treated us, not the divorce itself). It's amazing that something that happened so long ago!!!!!! can still affect me today. I've studied zen and all that, but I still can't manage to Let It Go. Huh.
    Actually, I think having a child made me rethink how my parents dealt with us during the divorce.
    But I agree: I'm sick of it. I just want to forget it and be happy!
    Austin, here I come!

  2. I like the list thing so much I think I may try it out; I love the "will be back" entry. I need some ways to do short blog entries so I keep posting--I'm flagging like big time.



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