Monday, April 18, 2005

Making Movies.

My son--formerly known as the broken arm, but now he's just Scar, since his cast was removed and he can do a push-up, so that means he can start shooting a basketball again, with other people around!--and I took the plunge and bought a miniDV camcorder this weekend. Yesterday I read just enough of the user's manual to record and also to use the optical zoom, which gave me an absurd feeling of command.

My plan is to make a video essay about my dog. When I reviewed my plans with Scar (just to recap--sixteen years old, which means that everything about me is faintly or even patently absurd), I told him: "I want to make a movie about Bruiser. It's going to be all footage of the dog, with interviews from other people as a voiceover narration. Also, there will be some music." He said, "You think you can do that?" (only a faint hint of derision)

But what is the purchase of a new miniDV camcorder, if not an opportunity to learn how to make a movie about my dog with voiceover narration and music? Even if it means that, in addition to buying a camcorder, memory card, mini tapes, software, hardware, and a service plan, we also now need to buy a DVD-RW drive?

We agreed later that making a series of films starring Bruiser is in order. We have discussed the technical requirements for special FX in which Bruiser will walk up a wall. Also, in one film, Bruiser may walk on water, making him, in Scar's words, "The messiah of dogs."

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