Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Joys of Working at Home

1. The dog is my supervisor (he walketh beside me in green pastures, yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, my dog is with me.)
2. You can take a minute to get started, but once you're started, there's no one to interrupt you.
3. You can have an unbroken conversation with the dog.
4. When your sixteen year old son comes home from school, you can mix the Gatorade (from powder--saves money) and have a chat.

Yesterday, I was able to draft and post a lecture on tercets/triplets/villanelles/terza rima; respond to many student posts, including a bunch of sestina drafts; communicate with important colleagues via e-mail; and remind myself that James Merrill is a veritable wizard at forms (see section "W" in The Book of Ephraim for terza rima wizardry).

The only downside is that for some unfortunate reason, our browser/computer/ISP/whatever gets some websites "stuck" on the page for a certain date. This included all blogspot sites yesterday. So I couldn't update you. Possibly, my children have spent too much time downloading all sorts of pictures (rapstars, boy bands, Invader Zim [for info about this killer toon, check here]). I don't know what it is, but things were rather sloooooooow on the internet front, and also downright obstructionist in the case of the stuck websites.

Jazz notes: what the crazy? The Bold, the Beautiful, the B-team triumphs. Ave Memo! Ave Gira!


  1. That's my problem! I need a dog! I so need to be supervised by a canine friend. And: I need gatorade, or some other powdered drink mix. I'm sure there are some other things I need as well, but a dog is definitely number one. Work on Middlebrow, will you? Son and I want a dog.

  2. The way this works is, a dog shows up mysteriously (actually, my husband the professor is also a dog-savior, so he brought this guy home). The members of the household fall immediately in love with the mysterious stranger and name him Bruiser. Then, there is nothing to do but have him neutered, a chip inserted in his ear, shots administered, and a collar and leash purchased. At least that's how it worked at my house.



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