Friday, April 22, 2005

Coming Attractions

1. The NBA Playoffs. Since it's been a foregone conclusion for, ahem, quite some time that my beloved Jazz would not be making a postseason appearance, I am now looking forward to enjoying the playoffs in a stress-free way. Moreover, since the Lakers tanked spectacularly, there is no official Evildoer team to root against. (That always used to be the way--I feel a little nostalgic, actually--once the Jazz lost in the first round [I'm leaving aside the sacred seasons when we went to the Finals. The great years. The Stockton-to-Malone years.], you'd just root for whomever the Lakers were decimating. Man, I remember some spectacular letdowns--when the Kings seemed indomitable, and a combination of insufferable Laker swagger and some seriously horrifying officiating took them apart. I can get a little hot just thinking about that!) This year, I'm considering my fan options. I like the Phoenix Suns, because I've always loved that Steve Nash--a splendid player all around. I always kind of like the Spurs, even though they have been our nemesis for so long. What irony--is it irony?--that in the year the Jazz imploded, they managed to beat the Spurs--twice! I like the Spurs' "get it done" ethos, plus Tony Parker and Ginobli add some panache. We're always glad at our house when Andre Miller does well, so there'll be some interest in how Denver does. Frankly, we have a hard time getting worked up about the Eastern Conference, but we'll be very interested in how Detroit does and, of course, how the Big Aristotle (is that right? Can that really be right? and more importantly, why?) does.

2. Uhhh, well, summer. We're definitely looking forward to that. Buying random plants. Shorts every day. Up late, sleep in. That kind of thing.

That's pretty much it for right now. We're going to see The Interpreter because pretty much all the worthy and serious films at the serious, worthy theaters either (a) have been seen already, by me and my sweetie, or (b) look like a snooze. And I'm just not down with that. Probably The Interpreter will also be snoozy, but at least there will be real movie stars in it. Also, there's Thai food, and that's always an attraction to look forward to.


  1. I remember getting worked up over the playoffs when I was a kid: there were some spectacular early-June/late-May evenings watching the Celtics either beating or be beaten by the Lakers. Nowadays, I never even give the playoffs a second thought when the Jazz aren't in it. No team seems worth rooting for these days.

  2. I remember the fateful final in our household when the Jazz lost to the Bulls in the final(first or second time, who can recall?), the television was switched off (the sound was already off anyway so someone wouldn't have to listen to insufferable network broadcasters) and not a word was spoken about basketball, nor the Jazz for several months. We should have all been wearing black, it was a time of deep mourning.



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