Saturday, March 26, 2005

You won't find any basketball in this post.

My investment in the NCAA tournament, slim to begin with, is now concluded with the loss
of the you-know-who to those other guys. A friend, who is more philosophical about these things, said he thought they played well, it was a competitive game . . . I just hate it when those
dynasty schools prevail, supporting all the conventional wisdom and the "curse" ideology. There was a great post on about teams in the tournament that we all hate, and this dynasty school was one of them--in large part because of their famous fan, Ashley Judd.

Anyway, last night's loss, combined with a certain Russian breaking his wrist the other night in yet another squeaky loss against the Wizards--the Wizards!--I might be done with basketball this year altogether. Or not--all it takes is a win to turn such fatalism around. I'll just have to engage in "light viewing"--only letting my mind settle peripherally on the game at hand, so that if it starts to go badly, my thoughts can just fly away.


  1. But Duke lost. Duke! That has to give you some hope. I'm more depressed that West Virginia lost. They were the last Cinderella team. So now I have to root for Michigan State, even though I chose Illinois to win it all. My other favorite, Kansas, lost in the first round. Happy Easter!

  2. Yes, it's true that we were amazed by the Duke loss. I think it's that I have so little knowledge, and therefore, so little investment, in the NCAAs unless it's a team I know. It's weak, but it's me. Happy Easter back at ya.



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