Thursday, March 31, 2005

AWP: Conference update, Day 1

Writers as working class heroes

Unlike many conferences I've attended, presenters here make no conference-y dress up parade. Blue jeans, sweaters, fleece vests, long scarves. Alistair McLeod is reading tonight--I'm debating about whether to go. Tomorrow, however, Michael Ondaatje. I should add In the Skin of a Lion to my favorite books list (also The English Patient but who can stand the mocking?). On Saturday p.m., Anne Carson and W.S. Merwin are reading--at the same time my flight leaves. I'll have to investigate the cost of extending my stay.

Rainy in Vancouver

For the first time since I was a little girl, I own an umbrella.

Lost Luggage

My main comment about this is grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I'm wearing the same clothes I wore yesterday, when I spent 19 hours in airports as a result of United Airlines delayed flight out of SLC (crew delay, their fault). I feel irritated, sweaty, grimy, and "knife-ish," a wod my son invented in an Arby's after his soccer team lost a championship game. Yes, knife-ish.

Good Session

. . . on helping students to develop as critical readers of their own and their peers' work. This relates, of course, to my work as a compositionist as well. It occurred to me that way you need is to unbundle, as the IT folks might say, the critical task to see what the discrete activities are of critical reading. Then, you need to retool response activities to reflect these critical reading activities. I got some really good ideas for this, which I'll formulate and disseminate later.

That's all for now. If you're a prayer, pray that my bag will be found in time for me to wear new clothes tomorrow.


  1. Sorry about your lost luggage and 19 hours.

    You needed an umbrella in SF. I'm glad you could use some of my spiffy one. I learned while living in Virginia that we Westerners are silly about umbrellas. Yes we hardly need them, but they sure come in handy when you do. As Stephen and I agreed on our SF trip--we don't like to get wet.

    Tell about the MO session, if you go. I went to a reading of his a bit back.

    Damn I am envious of you.

  2. Who is the patron Saint of lost luggage? Should we make one up for you?

    Hoping you are clean and happy, perhaps you will have to find the nearest Target and purchase lovely new poetry type outfit.

    Conference sounds markedly better than your last one, no offense!

  3. Today, it's been sunny, but I hear
    there will be rain later. And luckily I am prepared.

    This conference is better than the last time I came to it--or maybe I get the conference better, or maybe my goals are more finely attuned to the conference's, or something. Anyway, I'm getting a lot out of it this time.

    And: my bags arrived. So I have fresh clothing and my own hair care products.



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