Monday, March 21, 2005

Damn, spring break's over.

Could it have gone by more quickly? I ask you.

However, despite the mountain of work confronting me, I point to the following as evidence that life is still good:

1. I feel strangely cheery.
2. My sweater is pink.
3. It's lighter and lighter in the morning.
4. I got a huge amount of hiring committee work done during the break.
5. I get to go to Vancouver in a week and a half.
6. No matter what he does--dashing back from his Texas vacash to sign a bill, like Superman, for instance--President Bush just can't get me down. Not today.
7. Only six weeks of instruction, and the semester, and the academic year, will be over. Over.

Dancing in the movies update/afterthought: Will Ferrell dances in A Night at the Roxbury and also in Superstar. These are movies that are probably not worth the stock they're printed on, but nonetheless will make you laugh, and the dance scenes are fantastic.


  1. I can see giant billowy springtime clouds out my office window.

  2. I am working in a windowless area, unless you count the window that looks out on the hall where the souls of the damned, i.e., our students, drag themselves to class. Perhaps my spirits have sunk just a bit . . .

  3. Well, we have a 2 foot views of northern sky in the Writing Center from 5 windows. I guess that is 10 feet of view. We have a nice shot of down town from the far eastern windows.



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