Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Tiny quotes are getting me nowhere.

Fine then.

Just so you know, I'll be attempting to blog from Vancouver, B.C., where I'll be attending AWP. I'll hope to send you updates with serious poetry gossip. Not that I'm one of the "ins" in this incestuous, corrupt world of poets. And not that I'm bitter either. Anyway, and anyhow, and in any case, check out this space for possible po-biz slander. At least I'll be able to tell you what the literati are wearing.


  1. Can't wait to hear about the get-ups, well that and other more or less serious things you may wish to share.

  2. You must provide witty stuff on cocktail chit chat. You must give us the inside scoop, the dark underbelly of American poetry.

  3. I read one blog that commented about the various garbs of CCCC. Mentions of ethnic jewelry for tenured female professors abounded. The male professors were described as "threadbare."

    I think I fit in the threadbare category? Am I really aging?



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