Saturday, March 26, 2005

Dancing Brilliance

Well, on a Saturday afternoon, I'm reading poems from my online class, but my daughter is idly watching television, and Footloose, which I had formally eschewed as a "best dancing scenes in the movies" official selection, is on. Let's leave aside Kevin Bacon--not because it's not great dancing, but because it is in the now-iconic Footloose-y way. But Christopher Penn--now there is unsung movie-dancing genius. Check out the extravaganza dance at the end, to the Kenny Loggins title theme. After they've dispensed with the required asshole who has business to settle, when C. Penn comes back in with S.J. Parker (you forgot about her, didn't you!), he starts dancing with farmboy authority. It definitely belongs on the list. Apologies for having forgotten about it in the first place.

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