Monday, April 08, 2013

The Megastore recommends.

ate roasted squash today, and liked it!
1. A little story about the baby. Today, my daughter called me to say that she had made a delicious soup with roasted vegetables, and when she offered a little tiny bit to her little tiny daughter, just four months old, the baby loved it. Loved it! I myself was making dinner when this conversation occurred. I was trimming brussels sprouts and baby artichokes. How lovely, to hear this little anecdote. How lovely to think of the baby tasting maybe her first solid food, and it was butternut squash pureed, and it was so good, she wanted more.

look at their cute long stems!
2. Baby artichokes. In their favor: they are adorable. I bought them in a container of robust size, on a day when I clearly imagined myself in full vegetable trimming mode. Because, on the minus side, baby artichokes are a lot of work. "Baby artichokes are a lot of work," I said to the historian, as I chopped most of the thorny part off with my big knife, then pared away everything but the heart with my little knife, for the kajillionth time. "Maybe big ones aren't as much work. Maybe they're more worth it," he said, which I considered. But the thing about the big ones is, they aren't as adorable. The little ones are cute. And when you roast them with cherry tomatoes, lemon juice, olive oil, and thyme, they are delicious, and that's a fact.

--but with chicken.
3. Making shepherd's pie for someone who will love it. You can insert the dish of your choice into the previous phrase, the dish you would make for one of your beloveds because sometimes, it's just nice to make something delicious for someone else, even when it's a thing you won't be eating yourself. In this case, I made it for my son, and it was really only shepherd's pie-esque, because it was chicken and not beef. I happened to have some chicken in the freezer which I had previously roasted, so assembling the pie was as easy as sauteing some carrots and green onions, mashing a few potatoes, heating some leftover broccoli, layering everything in a pie plate, and baking it. I know, it sounds like more steps than "was as easy as" suggests. But it was easy, and my son loved it, and therefore so did I.

count these, because it's time for sleeping.
4. The end of the day. Whatever else, at the end, it's the end, and it's time for bed. Time for bed is something we highly recommend, here at the Megastore.


  1. I love every single thing you've written today. And I'm definitely trying the baby artichoke recipe.

  2. Sleep is my favorite thing. And also eating.

  3. Oh, Megastore. I love you.

  4. Cute food just tastes better, don't you agree? Cuteness aside, I do love to create a dish and share it with people I love. Thanks for reminding me to do this!



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