Sunday, April 21, 2013

dear my blog,

Here are the reasons:

1. because it is mid-April and hence the end of the semester.
2. because of the grading.
3. because of the overdue library book that I had to finish.
4. because when something terrible happens, it seems trivial.
5. because when something terrible happens in the world, it is hard to find the words.
6. because terrible things are happening all the time in the world, how did I ever find a way around that?
7. because almost everything seems trivial when you start to think that
8. because the terrible things and the local challenges and the fact that my house and perhaps, indeed, my life, are all a mess--all this conspires to make it hard to figure out what to do, or say, or write next.
9. because of the many, many consultations.
10. because of the presentations.
11. because of the new and ongoing commitments.
12. because of the vows I have to make and re-make and reiterate and restate with great vehemence that I will not do all of this again, that this will be the very last time.
13. because so much vehemence takes a lot of energy, energy which could be turned to writing.
14. writing, even, a blog post.

Now that all of the above has been said and enumerated, perhaps I will be able soon to write about whatever it is I write about, more regularly and with some gusto. Sorry, my blog, to have neglected you. I will try to do better.




  1. No pressure from The People, HT. We come to Delphi (aka The Megastore) in patience.

  2. I agree with radagast, HT. We wait and hope and send love your way. Happy end-of-semester-ing!

  3. This, this sums up my feelings of late regarding blogging. I want to read others' posts, want to write my own, but terrible stuff, big or even sometimes not so big stuff, make it hard. And then after a while of not writing, where to start?

  4. Yup. Radagast nailed it.

    Love your blog in all its phases. Always.



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