Sunday, April 14, 2013

A little story about my data.

It's sort of the same story I have about my shoes, books, music (see: data), photos (see: data), files, tee shirts, and sweaters: too much.

But let me start at the beginning.

Tomorrow, my employer is replacing my current MacBook Pro with a new one, as part of the regime of keeping employee laptops up to date. So: exciting! So happy!

Right now, I am transferring data from said current laptop to an external drive. Here are a few things I have learned about data and me:

1. I do not have a good filing system. Or rather, my filing system works okay, but it is all over the place. Like my shoes, books, music, photos, files, tee shirts and sweaters. And other stuff.

2. I have to retrieve all of it, and copy it to said external drive. This is going to take longer than I thought. Will I be up all night? We'll see.

3. Is there some of that data I don't need? Probably. No doubt. Which data would that be? Who can say? Not me, not right now, not when there's so much data to move, and I don't want to be up all night.

4. Photos. Anyone? Anyone? What should I do, or rather, what should I have done? iPhotos is bossy. I knew this awhile ago, but I never came up with a better solution. Here's one solution: delete bad photos from the camera before importing them. But what if the bad photo is interesting? Who can tell, when you're looking at it on that teeny camera screen?

5. Music, oy. I know I should just stop buying it and only listen to Spotify. But would I then be doing my part to save the music business? Which can barely be bothered to save itself?

I would make a comic about this, but this would involve, maybe, creating more data. I'm nervous about that.

I think I need better data habits, hygiene, and practices. I wish someone would send me some directions about how to do that on my new, fresh laptop. I don't want to besmirch it with my terrible old data regime.

The end of the story about data. I'm sorry it doesn't have a happy ending. Give me advice, so there will at least be hope.


  1. Curtis Leasure prides himself on being the owner of the most organized computer on the planet. Maybe he could give you some tips? Although if you do not like the bossiness of iphoto, you will not like the bossiness of Curtis!

  2. Re: Music: I have NO idea what to do about this. Currently 65% of my macbook's poor little memory is dedicated to music, specifically iTunes. Help!

    Re: Photos: iPhoto is super bossy. However, I always wait to delete photos until I can see them on the computer screen. I've accidentally deleted "the good one" from my camera and ! wail. More work, but there's my humble opinion.

    Re: So much stuff. I'm contemplating a spring cleaning of all things. Key word = contemplating.

    Happy spring.

  3. I like Sophie's idea, but I think that this did probably take you all night because I notice you were "liking" and "commenting" at unholy hours. Unless there was insomnia!



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