Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dear moment of clarity,

Today, I made several lists.

1. Discussions and assignments I need to grade in my online class.
2. Short instructional videos I need to make for my online class.

I have also started reviewing my calendar with very careful attention, not to say great avidity, which has revealed the following to me:

the bunny of clarity.
3. I have many, many events between now and the end.
4. There are just four weeks left, including finals. Plus a couple days left of this week.
5. Good heavens, I have a lot to do.

Also, and apropos of not very much,

6. I can barely bestir myself to actually cook food. It's pretty bad.

Moment of clarity, I am in a panic. Was it your intention, when you revealed yourself to me, for me to be in a panic? Because I am. I am in a panic.

Thanks, I guess,



  1. I know you can survive this. You need to, because you are my role model in so many ways. So many. Ways.

  2. I feel your panic.

  3. The bunny of panic reproaches you! Seriously, that bunny is staring into my soul and freaking me out.

  4. It's okay not to cook when you're panicked. You can just join me and Ken Cannon at the nearest Crown Burger.

  5. Cooking is for suckers, especially in a panic. Why cool when you could simply get enchiladas at Mama Chus (or insert your local Mexican eatery).



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