Thursday, April 04, 2013

A few things that I like.

1. saltines.
2. Emergen-C.
3. playing with the grandchildren.
4. episodes of The New Girl and The Mindy Project.
5. a late afternoon nap.
6. a walk in the cool spring evening.
7. yellow skirt, yellow sweater, yellow shirt.
8. yellow sneaks.
9. teaching the stories that Dr. Write gave me.
10. the Thursday New York Times.
11. an unspent gift card from Target.
12. more light more light more light.

feeling good, the people. also: I think you're swell.


  1. The Mindy Project is the best. Maybe better than New Girl even. Also, the yellow and the light. You make a fine list, Lisa B. You are pretty swell yourself!

  2. I agree with Nik -- love the yellow and the light. Love your blog and how it always makes me smile. :) Happy weekend to you, HT!

  3. Another agree-er here. Yellow. Light. You. All swell.

  4. Thanks for the happy!



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