Sunday, May 15, 2011

With a side of carbs, please.

At Mangiamo's, after a long day of driving:

Server: ...and another appetizer special, sweet potato gnocchi, in a sage butter sauce, with roasted garlic, and finished with asiago cheese.

Us: We'll have some of that...

Me: ...and I'll be ordering from the special pasta menu--carbonara.

Server: ...and for your salad?

Me: [puzzled. Please to explain?]

Server: I don't know if you knew this, but since tonight is special pasta night, you also get a salad, like a dinner salad? or a Caesar?

Me: Caesar!

The historian: I'll have the puttanesca. With the dinner salad, and bleu cheese.

Server: So, with those salads, do you still want the gnocchi?

Us: Sure!

Server: And how about bread?

Us: YES.


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  2. This scene plays especially well if you read it with a David Mamet affect. Just saying!



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