Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Guided Tour

At the Tastee Treet, Home of the Space Burger, at the south end of Pocatello, ID:

Guy at the counter: Will this be to stay or to go?

Me: Actually, we're waiting for a friend, but can you explain some things on the menu?

Counter guy: Sure thing.

Me: What is a Space Burger?

Guy: You take a piece of white bread, then you put this burger, like, with potato and onion in it, and like lettuce and then [hand in cupping/capping motion] you put another piece of bread on it, and then you cut off the crusts and you [hands come together] grill it in the Space Burger Machine, and it looks kind of like a . . .

Me: . . . flying saucer.

Guy: . . . UFO.


  1. Another thing to love about America!

  2. Please tell me you ordered one and that someone you know or love ate it. It sounds highly undelicious but perhaps the nuances of the dish didn't come through in the potato and onion explanation.



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