Sunday, May 29, 2011


The Wet Spring That Was is also occurring in Idaho. My dad called to say, a few hours ago, that a severe weather watch was in effect in eastern Idaho, with as much as a dozen inches of snow predicted for Island Park. Snow! This has put a serious crimp in the unrolling of my grand plan, which occurs in this order:
  • Finish the semester (check)
  • Finish grading (check!)
  • Go to L.A. (check)
  • Come home and cry a little (also check!)
  • See a dubious comedy @ Brewvies, with Dr. Write et al (hi Jane & Pam!)(also, hello Shroom & Swiss Gardenburger with fries!)
  • Gather my wits and be the happy genius of my house (in progress, but check!)
  • Drive up to Idaho with my folks to open the cabin and spend some quality time with them. (weather-related wrench in the gears!)
After that, there was to be, and still will be
  • Go to the west desert with singing son for a music weekend
  • Go to NoCal to see my oldest darling friend
  • Return to Zion, then drive north with the historian to Idaho
Well, time, fortune, and the weather will sort themselves out. One way or another, we'll be in Idaho, oh YES WE WILL BE IN IDAHO sometime in June.

But until then, perhaps a few pictures of the Glendale Narrows section of the Los Angeles River will cheer us all up. If we needed cheering up, which, around here, actually, we don't:


  1. (Hi, Lisa!) You make me (1) homesick for L.A. (2) homesick for NoCal (3) want to re-read Mike Davis's "Ecology of Fear" and (4) re-read his "City of Quartz" (but I can't find my copy of "City of Quartz") . . . Thanks for posting.
    ~ Pam

  2. I want to be you when I grow up, HT.

  3. Also put "Tour de Provo" on your list.



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