Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The visit.

I can't remember if I ever wrote about how, when we tried to go to the Watts Towers a year and a half ago, we drove around Watts with only the sketchiest of directions for awhile, an hour maybe, until, like, the third time we were driving through the housing project, our eyes cast upward, because we thought that surely those towers would manifest themselves because after all, weren't they towers, as in, tall? I said to the historian, you know, they're saying to themselves, "Those white people (in their Camry) are trying to find the Watts Towers."

We did not find the Watts Towers that day. But we definitely found them this time.


  1. Watts Towers are awesome. I had never been and my folks were in town a few years ago... so we went. I remember the same feeling, driving through the hood, looking at my GPS (it's supposed to be right here... right HERE!)...

    Very cool.

  2. This is amazing. Who knew? You or The Historian or both? Must Google now...



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