Thursday, January 13, 2011

Whoa, kids, busy already.

So, back to school.

I have met with the literary magazine class once. It was great. I love them. My other class, I have not met with yet--that's tomorrow, for three hours. Good times! Excited about it!

Just in case you were worried that, based upon the previous evidence, I, a public servant, am not really working, I shall now fill you in on my activities for the week:

a. finishing and fine-tuning syllabi (of course).
b. meeting with senior administrators.
c. meeting with a group of faculty on another campus.
d. Board of Trustees meeting.
e. Discussion Team meeting.
f. meeting with the Teaching and Learning Center director
g. conversation with faculty member on another another campus.
h. conversation with faculty member in my office.
i. meeting with chair, dean, and colleague.
j. meeting of the Faculty Association Executive Board
k. meeting with the Provost.

(for items c, d, e, f, j, and k, Middlebrow was also in attendance, the lucky bastard.)

Personally, I like to slide into the semester unannounced and browse for a little while before it notices me and grips me in the iron grip of its grippy paws and squeezes the life out of me.

But no.

And now, a few last touches on the syllabus for tomorrow.

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  1. Get to work!

    ;-) or as the kids say these days 0_o



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