Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Son: What's for dinner?

Me: Thought I'd make soup. (chopping)

Son: . . . soup seems so . . . 50s to me.

Me: (laugh/chop)

Son: . . . like, it just seems kind of old-fashioned.

Me: (now sauteing/laughing)

Son: . . . when I hear "soup," I think of one word: Depression.


Middlebrow said...

No soup for you!

Amelia said...

ha ha!
Soup says, delicious to me.

Dr Write said...

Soup = what I want to eat in the winter. Can I move in with you? I feel you are not being sufficiently appreciated.
Also is there not a trashy movie we need to see post haste? OR are there too many?

Karen S said...

My kids would say the same thing and not in reference to the era, but in that the thought of eating soup makes them depressed because they hate it. I like it. Good to catch up on your blog. My mother-in-law stumbled upon this and Amelia's from my blog and reads them both and thinks you are both fantastic.


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