Sunday, January 09, 2011

My daughter called last night.

"Hello?" I said. Croaked.

"You're still sick?" she said, alarmed.

It has lasted and lasted, the sick. I think now I'm definitely better. Except that "better" still requires some ibuprofen. On a regular basis.

We had a two-birthday dinner to celebrate tonight. (Happy Birthday to I. and S.! and while I'm at it--happy birthday to all my December and January birthday kids!)

Actually, it was pretty easy, as two-birthday dinners go. One pasta dish, one green salad, a couple of vegetables, store-bought (but excellent) bread. Pineapples, cut up. And cake. Still, that croaky voice put the whole celebratory gig in doubt.

"No, I'm fine," I reassured.

I wish it hadn't been such a long day on Friday. I wish I hadn't left my purse at this one store on Saturday, which added another half hour to my appointed rounds. I wish there were about three more grace days before school starts. I wish I were about an hour deep into a very restful sleep right now.

But it starts tomorrow.

(Luckily, at least one of my syllabi is finished.)


  1. I'm sorry, but the one where target kicks your ass makes me laugh. Well illustrated. Is there anything you CAN'T do? Except get rid of the sore throat?

  2. Well, I know it's probably wrong to applaud anything, anything at all, when your friend is sick. After all, said friend might require more ibuprofen to dull a throbbing head, and the noise might be too much. But this post--illustrated!--was terrific. (Illustrations? Encore!)

  3. Well. Every time I think I have read a favorite post, I read another favorite post. Hyperbole and a half better watch out.



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