Friday, January 07, 2011

Unfinished 2010 business.

Tonight, we saw I Love You Phillip Morris, which I quite enjoyed. But enjoying it isn't the reason I mention it here. It's because it's a 2010 film, and I have now seen it . . . in 2011.

Frankly, I finished a couple of things for my last-semester class (2010), like, two days ago (2011), and I have a bunch more stuff I thought I would finish before the calendar turned (2010), but did not (2011). Here is the laughable list I composed before I even started grading (2010). I called it "big fat Christmas list":

The things that aren't crossed off are things I have not yet done (2011). Also must
  • read a little Dickens for my book club,
  • finish another book,
  • see a bunch of 2010 movies, like maybe that arm-losing 127 Hours, even though the prospect makes me nauseated,
  • clean some more stuff in my house (go ahead, just laugh),
  • and plan the training/workshop agenda for the Publication Center,
  • and organize my sock drawer (just kidding, already organized),
  • and listen to the music I bought in 2010,
  • AND finish those syllabi omG.


  1. 217 hours isn't really worth it.

  2. I think you know how many hours I meant.

  3. It just felt like 217 hours, right?

    Always love love love your lists. You have a Big Life, Missy.



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