Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Fascinating facts you did not know about the dead presidents.

Read the first chapter here.


  1. Oh good grief - I should have watched the video first. That chapter had me going.

    Just what I need to feed my present bout of dread. (how does one put in a wry smiley face?)

  2. Vampires = I'm not allowed to read/view it because it causes instant snark. Just like trying to talk about "Titanic" or happy movies. (except the ones I like)
    Plus I love Lincoln and will not see him sullied.
    In other news, aren't we supposed to be getting together?

  3. Dude gets around for dead president.

    It was also a pleasure to revisit your old posts. I loved them the second time, too.

  4. Yeah, I meant to say "dude gets around for A dead president."



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