Tuesday, March 09, 2010

All the Mormons in Beijing.

Sundry updates:

1. I put my clothes away today. Again.
2. I just started a load of laundry. 90% of the items were gray.
3. We just ate the last of the cookies. They were seriously some of the best cookies I have ever made in my life.
4. I have a lot of responding to students drafts to do, which I am doing at this very moment. Or shortly, whichever comes first.
5. We are driving to L.A. in two days, and I literally cannot wait to blow this town.
6. What is the weather like in L.A.?
7. Running son is having a hard time finding the Mormons in Beijing. I am having a hard time helping him. Beijing is far, far away. And they speak a different language, and it's written in a different alphabet.
8. But he will figure it out.
9. Is it winter? is it spring? who can tell?


  1. Ditto to: I can't wait to blow this town (but have no prospects for doing so...) and WTF season is it? Today, I froze.
    All of this = unhappy.

  2. Yes, Virginia, there are Mormons in Beijing. Although the two I know personally are living state side again . . .

    L.A. I am beyond jealous. Wild with it.

  3. A different alphabet? Who knew.



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