Monday, March 29, 2010

Back to L.A.:

Did you know about the giant windmill farm?

The next day, we did one of my favorite things this trip--a drive we took up Western Ave, which basically runs from the South Bay all the way to the Hollywood Hills. We were heading to Griffith Park, and we could have taken a series of freeways, but this was better. You can see a lot of different demographics and neighborhoods that make up greater Los Angeles. Did I tell you about last trip, when we got a little bit lost in Compton/Watts, trying to find the Watts Towers? That didn't happen this time:

Unfortunately, Monday is the day that the Griffith Park Observatory is closed. What? No, you heard that right: Monday. However, it was still good. We also stopped in a Target in, I believe, West Hollywood. Targets are not all created equal, but they are all good.

On our way home:


  1. I finally watched Rebel Without a Cause and is the Griffith Park Observatory where they shot the knife fight scene? It sure looks like it.

  2. Where is the windmill farm? We saw rows and rows of windmills on the way to Cheyenne, Wyoming, when we used to drive up that way with the drummer.

    And I am more than a bit envious that you took pictures that include the actual HOLLYWOOD sign (unlike the pictures we have of our family posed in front of the HOLLYWOOD sign at Universal Studios. Our picture even includes a guard rail behind us, which implies we were standing alongside the roadway and the sign was high above us, instead of the reality where we posed in front of a picturesque photo billboard of the HOLLYWOOD sign.)

    We also were lost in Watts once. Yet another drive that I viewed as a great adventure but caused Jack to sweat profusely.

  3. Well, the weather's been lovely, supposed to be frigid with T-storms Wed, Thursday, get out while you can and retreat to the beauty of the SLC.

  4. A Target in West Hollywood sounds like the thing I need in my life today. And treats, too.



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